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Not sure whether to be flattered or upset: Thailand version of TrikePatrol surfaces!

August 23rd, 2012
by J-Reg

When I first saw this site here I just chuckled for a few moments. Then, only seconds later, I got a little angry. I was like, “Hey, this was MY idea dammit!” As you all know, despite it’s stylistic & ownership changes over the years, the Filipina XXX site you’ve come to know and love as was first conceptualized by lil’ ol me.

Well, I guess it was only a matter of time (6 years to be exact), that some other enterprising perverted nut-job would decide to do a Trike Patrol style site in Thailand also. I suppose it’s a natural progression really. One mongering area website after another, huh. They even used Thailand’s version of a trike, the Thai “Tuk Tuk”. Very creative, genius!

Despite not having any formal hand in the ownership of TP anymore, I can’t help but feel a little ripped off and cheated. Can’t I sue someone for intellectual property violations or something? I guess I just need to take solace in the sheer flattery of imitation, huh?

If you want to contribute to the ripping off of J-Reg’s brainchild, feel free to visit the site below. Tuktuk Patrol? Seriously?
TukTukPatrol - Picking up Hot Thai Hookers on 3 Wheels!

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An AC visitor’s video diary…

May 22nd, 2012

This has been done a few times now in AC, (see DRU’s videos), but every one has their own individual style in how they do it.  This guy John T., with his “first-person” vantage point is the latest video contributor out of Angeles it seems.   He’s got a running series of vacation “diary” videos on YouTube, showing all sorts of things in and around Angeles.   Lunch and dinner dates with the girls, barhopping and seeing regular every sites like churches and markets, etc.    Worth taking a look if you’re a consumer of all things AC like I am:


See the rest of his videos on his Youtube Channel HERE.

Here also has a blog called


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