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New Club in Town: High Society Disco

September 26th, 2011

From the makers of Lewis Grand Hotel and Forbidden City Club, a brand new disco has opened in the spot where the once-famous Nero’s Club was next to Blue Nile.

Introducing High Society:

Open 11pm to 6am daily, they are the latest and greatest “big party disco” to be added to Lower Fields.  All kinds of lasers and lights and a big centrally located dance floor.   Single ladies (*cough*, freelancers) are very much welcome, and anyone who remembers the old Pick-Up Disco on Real Street knows how fun a place like this has the potential to be.   Now whether or not it lives up to that potential is another story altogether.

For me info and loads of pics, check them out on Facebook here – High Society on Facebook

Here are some photos from the management:

And here’s a YouTube video giving you a 360-view of the party dance club atmosphere inside:


Another video of the Grand Opening, sans music due to stupid copyright rules:


And of course…..the drink price menu:

High Society Disco Drink Menu


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