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A running diary of sexual encounters with Filipinas in AC?

This looks pretty interesting, I must say. And it takes alot for ME to say that. It’s what appears to be some guy’s personal running diary of his whore-mongering activities in Angeles. I skimmed through it a bit and it looks like he’s updating it daily, with genuine bargirls and other familiar sights from AC. I personally know a thing or two about websites involving AC which chronicle the more nefarious sort of activities, and I have to say this one is pretty darned ambitious. It’s almost like DRU’s SoYummyKaya blog….but an X-rated version, haha.

Filipina Sex Diary in Angeles City

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New Club in Town: High Society Disco

September 26th, 2011

From the makers of Lewis Grand Hotel and Forbidden City Club, a brand new disco has opened in the spot where the once-famous Nero’s Club was next to Blue Nile.

Introducing High Society:

Open 11pm to 6am daily, they are the latest and greatest “big party disco” to be added to Lower Fields.  All kinds of lasers and lights and a big centrally located dance floor.   Single ladies (*cough*, freelancers) are very much welcome, and anyone who remembers the old Pick-Up Disco on Real Street knows how fun a place like this has the potential to be.   Now whether or not it lives up to that potential is another story altogether.

For me info and loads of pics, check them out on Facebook here – High Society on Facebook

Here are some photos from the management:

And here’s a YouTube video giving you a 360-view of the party dance club atmosphere inside:


Another video of the Grand Opening, sans music due to stupid copyright rules:


And of course…..the drink price menu:

High Society Disco Drink Menu


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Q Bar – Angeles City

September 19th, 2011

By Pimonger

I was clearing out one of my hard drives and discovered that this Q Bar video didn’t make it on the net. After skimming through the video I concluded that this could be potential boner material, so I ran the video thru FCP and uploaded it to several social video sites. Just a FYI, I would insert my meat in the girl wearing pink and black. Just saying, lol. Enjoy the pics and video guys. Peace!

See more photos and videos at Pimonger

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One Eyed Wench Bar

September 14th, 2011

Evening guys! Stayed up late compiling these pics and video for One-Eyed-Wench. Capturing this footage got me excited watching these girls dance and fondle each other. My meat actually throbbed to the beat of the music during the ass shots and short pookie play that you are about to see. These girls know how to have fun and I will definitely be visiting this bar again.

See more photos and videos at Pimonger

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Ladies of Miss Magic Bar

September 8th, 2011

Here’s a few pics and a short video clip of the Ladies at Miss Magic Bar. This little gem is tucked in behind the petron station on perimiter right across the street from the sunset garden hotel. It’s a very nice bar for a perimeter bar, relaxing and friendly not to mention it’s the largest Perimeter bar. If you’re into billiards, I’ve heard they got the best pool tables in Angeles City. Correct me if I’m wrong please.

See more photos and videos at Pimonger

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Sexy Filipina from SM City Bacoor

September 3rd, 2011

Went to Cavite for a short day trip, stopped at SM City Bacoor to pick up a Globe Tattoo I had lost the previous night. While waiting for my number to be called I noticed there was a hot and ravishing looking girl behind one of the desks. So my number was called by this girl, I sat down and started to spit out my usual pick up lines. She (Hazel) agreed to meet me the next day which was her day off (lucky me).

On the following day after an early lunch I shot a text to Hazel asking if it was still on. She replied “of course sir”. Hazel arrived at my hotel at about 6pm not knowning what I had in store for her lol. We watched TV and talked for a bit, while talking on the bed I noticed her hand on my thigh so essesntially I did the same. Then the four play started :) and you get the idea what happened after that.

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Girls of Angeles City

August 28th, 2011

Take a glimpse at Philippines most beautiful and talented asian bar girls, Girls of Angeles City. From singers to dancers and cocksuckers these girls have what it takes to turn your world upsidedown. It’s every man’s dream to visit Angeles City and bang these little sexy filipinas. Whether day or night, you will never be without company so sit back, grab your dick, and enjoy this quick tease of the Girls of Angeles City.

See more photos and videos at Pimonger

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Goddess of Atlantis Pool Party 2011 videos

August 23rd, 2011

Lots of maganda LBFMs in-and-around the Wild Orchid pool for the Goddess of Atlantis Pool Party earlier this month.  Once again, another PI Monger production.  First class job!


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More girls on Fields Ave…ain’t askin for much!

August 22nd, 2011

Some great familiar views here….thanks to TequilaReef and PhilippineAddicts.

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Nice high-quality video from Tropix Club

August 20th, 2011

Check this HD quality video from inside of Tropix Club.   My friend at passed this on to me.   Great stuff, and those t-backs…..ohhhhhh yeeeaaah!

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