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Goddess of Atlantis Pool Party 2011 videos

by on Aug.23, 2011, under Front Page

August 23rd, 2011

Lots of maganda LBFMs in-and-around the Wild Orchid pool for the Goddess of Atlantis Pool Party earlier this month.  Once again, another PI Monger production.  First class job!


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ABC Pool Party Videos….

by on Jul.16, 2011, under Front Page

July 16th, 2011

These are from the big pool party at ABC Hotel a few weeks ago.  Despite all the other bullshit going on in town with the bars and whatnot, these pool parties are always a great time you can count on.

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ABC Hotel Pool Party on July 3rd – It’s coming!

by on Jun.19, 2011, under Front Page

June 19th, 2011

Ahh, the Pool Parties are back again and ABC Hotel throws ‘em as good as anyone if not better.   This is a “must-see” if you’re there that weekend.  Check the banner below for details:

ABC Hotel Pool Party


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Videos from the Miss Tropix 2011 competition….

by on Apr.30, 2011, under Front Page

April 30th, 2011

Just a nice healthy visual dose of LBFMs for you on this Saturday….

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King of Diamonds Girls by the Kokomoz Pool this Sunday

by on Feb.08, 2011, under Front Page

February 8th, 2011

I don’t think it’s an official Pool Party, but the KOD girls will be hanging by the pool at Kokomoz this Sunday if you wanna drop by.  Here’s a few pics from last time:

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The Kokomoz Pool Party? Did anyone go?

by on Jan.04, 2011, under Front Page

January 4th, 2011

If not, here’s some video from the event last week.  Nice to see some familiar faces in the crowd.  The wet t-shirt nipple shots & t-backs aren’t bad either.

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POOL PARTY ALERT – This Sunday, December 26th, 12pm @ Kokomoz

by on Dec.23, 2010, under Front Page

December 23rd, 2010

Posted on PI@Night by AngelesKokomos

“Greetings and Christmas Salutations from the Crucible of hedonistic free thinking that is the Kokomos management office.

We at the office have heard the cries and lamentations of the mongers ‘when will there be a pool party?’ I myself often wondered if we would ever get to hold one again. But one evening whilst enjoying a good bottle of rum a star fell from the sky (it could have been someone burning rubbish from a balcony but for the purposes of this it was a star.)

I knew something would change. And sure the next day, we are planning this party.

It is my great pleasure to inform you, my fellow mongers that a pool party will be held in Kokomos on Sunday 26th December, 12 noon till 6pm.

You can get all you can eat and drink (local drinks) for 1000p pre-order. The tickets are available at Kokomos cashier, Voodoo, King of Diamonds, Roadhouse and AngelWitch.

However some might enjoy imported drinks, so for the more discerning lasingero amongst us a 1500p entry fee (if you buy a ticket before the event.) will enable the picky drinker to enjoy all you can drink (imported) and eat at the party.

If however you decide to come on the day, the prices are 1200p for the local all you can drink and 1700p for the imported all you can drink.

But as we are full of the joys of Christmas if you come on the day and pay for your tickets your get 2 free ladies drinks with your ticket.

Happy Days!”


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ABC Hotel’s Bunny Beach Blow-Out

by on Oct.03, 2010, under Front Page

ABC Hotel‘s latest pool party this past Oct 2nd did not disappoint…  There were 2 lovely Playmates from the October issue of Playboy Philippines on hand to take pics with guests.  Then add in the hundred or so local Filipinas and you have one hell of a party.  DJ Stone from Manila kept the booties shakin’ through-out the party, ABC Hotel was even able to get Adam Cruz to make a guest appearance on stage.  Everybody was taking advantage of the bottles of rum and tequila going around and there were tubs of ice-cold beer everywhere.  A few mischievous Filipinas were even kind enough to cool the punters off with splashes of ice water :|

Check out these pics from the party…

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Pool Party Alert: October 2nd at ABC Hotel

by on Sep.15, 2010, under Front Page

September 15th, 2010

There is another giant pool party coming on October 2nd at ABC Hotel if you’re in town then.  It is being reported that there will possibly be some “Playboy Philippines” girls in attendance.  Should be interesting.  Here’s some hot pics from the last pool party in July:

(courtesy Tequila Reef)

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Pool Party footage from Lewis Grand (video)

by on Jul.16, 2010, under Front Page

July 16th, 2010

I’m not sure when this is from exactly, but it says “” Pool party. is a lesser known AC-related message forum and I don’t remember them having had a pool party, but it’s possible I missed it. (while surprising)

Well, whenever it was from, there are a some cute babes in bikini’s running around so it’s worth a look:

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Customer Appreciation Day + Pool Party at Kokomoz this Sunday

by on Jul.16, 2010, under Front Page

July 16th, 2010

Just to show how much they appreciate your support, Kokomoz is throwing a “Customer Appreciation” Pool Party this Sunday starting at 1pm.  It’s also serving as the 2nd Anniversary Party for the new ownership.  For a slight entry fee of p100, you’ll be chillin’ in their newly remodeled pool area enjoying the company of ladies from 4 different bars.

The Newly Remodeled Pool Area at Kokomoz

The Newly Remodeled Pool Area at Kokomoz

Customer Appreciation Pool Party at Kokomoz - Sunday, July 18th @ 1pm - 5pm

Customer Appreciation Pool Party at Kokomoz - Sunday, July 18th @ 1pm - 5pm

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