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Talk the Talk

Yes, they speak English, but that still doesn’t guarantee you’ll understand everything they say. Here’s some commonly used words and phrases that’ll help you during your stay in Angeles City:

“AirCon” – Short for air-conditioning.

“Babaero” – (Tagalog) Means playboy or womanizer.

“Barfine” – Fee paid to the club for releasing one of its workers to accompany you. Going rate in Angeles is currently 1000 pesos ($20 US dollars). Also known as an EWR or early work release.

“Bastos” – (Tagalog) They’ll call you this if you say somthing rude.

“BBBJ” – Bareback blow-job. Oral sex without a condom.

“Blow Row” – Affectionate nickname for Santos Street where you get get an “air-start” at any hour of the day.

“Boom Boom” – Means having sex. If a girl says she wants to do this with you than its a good thing!

“Billy-boy” – Filipino Homosexual. Watch out for these on Santos street. Looks alone can be very deceiving, they are masters of drag!

“Bola-bola” – Means bullshit. This is what the girls will say when you tell them you’re a rock star back home.

“Brownout” – The common power outages in the Philippines. Not fun if you’re stumbling drunk in the CR when the lights go out!

“Butterfly” – They’ll call you this if they see you with more than one girl from night to night. A player, a playboy, a two-timer.

“Cherry girl” – Girls working in the clubs who are virgins (in theory). Available for barfining but will cost ya a pretty peso! Expect to pay around 20,000 ($400 US dollars) for one of these. The policy varies from club to club.

“Cola” – Any kind of soda.

“CR” – Comfort room. What they’ll call the restroom, bathroom, or latrine. Trust me, you’ll be calling it that too after a few days there.

“Daddy” – Name affectionately given by the girls to a male foreigner who manages a bar. Usually an Aussie, Yank or Brit.

“Freelancer” – These girls can be found hanging around Kokomoz and the Ville among other places. They’re looking for a pick-up and expect to be paid for their services. They’re working own their own accord and are not subject to regular hygeine check-ups. Be careful, they can be risky.

“Gago” – (Tagalog) Means stupid.

“GRO” – “Guest relations officer”. A clubs entertainment representatives. These girls usually don’t dance on stage but will offer you warm companionship. Something like a hostess.

“Guapo” – (Tagalog) Handsome, good-looking…or it can mean, “I want your money so I’ll lie and say you’re handsome.”

“Honey-Ko” – Slang meaning “My Honey”. Usually refers to a girl you have a steady relationship with, but having a one night Honey-Ko is fine too.

“House-and-Lot” – Common reference to buying real estate in the Philippines. Owning one is every girls dream. “Buy me house and lot!”

“Kuripot” – (Tagalog) Cheap; you might get called this if you don’t buy enough ladies drinks.

“Ladies drink” – Drinks you may buy for girls of your liking. Currently, the prices range from 100-250 pesos ($2 – $5 US dollars).

“Mabaho” – (Tagalog) Foul smelling. You don’t want to be called this.

“Mahal Kita” – (Tagalog) – I Love You. You’re sure to hear this at least once every trip. If not…spend more pesos!

“Mamasan” – The Filipina manager of a club. Getting to know the Mamasans a little can be very advantageous and informative.

“Pangit” – (Tagalog) – Ugly, unattractive. To avoid getting called this, spend generous amounts of pesos.

“Plastic” – Slang used to refer to someone who is not sincere.

“Pogi” – (Tagalog) Handsome, cute, good-looking.

“Ref” – Short for Refridgerator. I dont know why they call it that, but they do.

“Runner” – A girl you barfined who “leaves” before the night is over.

“San Miguel” – “San Mig”, the most popular brand of beer in the Philippines.

“See how you are!” – Coin phrase of Angeles that you will hear often from the girls. Can be used in a variety of ways but they normally say it when they catch you being a “butterfly”.

“Short Time” – Taking a girl out of the club for an abbreviated duration.

“Stand-by” – A girl waiting to be picked up on the street, in a resturaunt or other local establishment. A freelancer. Proceed with caution, these can be risky!

“Three-holer” – Bargirl who allows anal sex. Ask the Mamasan to point these out to you if you like.


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